Criminal Defense Attorney Serving High Point, NC

Greenwood Law’s team of High Point criminal lawyers helps clients navigate the challenges and stress of criminal proceedings. Our experienced North Carolina defense lawyers assist with a wide range of cases, including driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges, allegations of child pornography possession, and drug trafficking charges. 

Cases Our High Point, NC, Criminal Defense Attorneys Handle

Before hiring a North Carolina criminal defense attorney, it’s important to ensure that they have experience handling the type of charges you are facing. Greenwood Law has a diverse team of lawyers with experience helping clients with:

Misdemeanor Cases

Greenwood Law assists with misdemeanor charges like drug possession and DWI. We will work to reduce your repercussions and help you avoid jail time. Our High Point, NC, criminal attorneys strive to reach an expedited resolution to your case while minimizing the lasting impacts on your day-to-day life.

Felony Cases

Felony charges carry much more serious consequences, including jail or prison time and thousands of dollars in fines. It’s vital that you partner with an experienced attorney when facing these types of charges so you can minimize the long-term impact on your life. 

Greenwood Law will carefully examine the state’s case against you, as well as all evidence used to justify the charges you are facing. We will explore mitigating circumstances and seek to have charges reduced or dismissed. 

These efforts are designed to help you achieve the most favorable outcome possible based on the unique circumstances of your case.

Traffic Cases

The greater High Point area has thousands of miles of roadways. This complex network of roads can make it tough to keep up with speed limits, turning restrictions, and other traffic laws. Whether you received a speeding ticket while navigating the I-85 or incurred a moving violation while cruising downtown, Greenwood Law can help.

Our traffic defense team can work to reduce your penalties or potentially have your ticket thrown out altogether. We are passionate about protecting your right to drive while also ensuring that law enforcement follows the letter of the law when issuing tickets. 

White Collar Crimes

Financial crimes like fraud are incredibly complicated to litigate. Therefore, you need an attorney in your corner who has experience taking on these types of cases.

Greenwood Law’s legal team has lawyers with extensive experience handling white-collar crimes. We will build a strong defense and work toward a favorable outcome. Our staff may also enlist the services of financial experts to analyze evidence, make presentations to jurors, and demonstrate your innocence.

Federal Crimes

Misdemeanor and felony charges are handled at the Guilford County Courthouse in High Point, but federal charges are typically addressed at the federal courthouse. These types of charges carry more serious penalties, such as minimum sentence requirements and potential prison time.

Greenwood Law has lawyers who are experienced in litigating federal criminal cases. We will use our strong functional knowledge of federal law to protect your rights and future.


Driving while intoxicated charges carry penalties, including fines and jail time. You may also have your driver’s license suspended if you are convicted of DWI.

We will mount a strong DWI defense to help you avoid as many of these repercussions as possible. Our team will work to have the charges dismissed or reduced while also requesting that you preserve your right to operate a motor vehicle. 

Drug Possession and Trafficking

Due to the serious consequences of a drug trafficking conviction, it’s critical to have experienced representation in your corner. Greenwood Law has handled numerous drug-related cases and can fiercely fight for your rights. 

Our Guilford County criminal lawyers have extensive experience handling drug possession and trafficking cases. These cases are extremely nuanced and involve a dynamic mix of interconnected events. 

We will thoroughly explore these factors and identify potential mistakes on the part of law enforcement to find out whether your rights were violated during the stop and arrest

Child Pornography 

Child pornography charges can tarnish your reputation, ruin your life, and result in years of prison time. Greenwood Law will work to prove your innocence and clear your name of these charges. 

Our team will thoroughly examine all evidence and the conduct of law enforcement to protect your rights. This holistic approach gives us the best chance of achieving a favorable outcome in your case while also protecting you from the lasting and serious repercussions of a child pornography conviction. 

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Criminal Defense Attorney Serving High Point, NC