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Consequences of drunk driving with a minor on-board

Drunk driving is a severe offense in every state. DUI charges can affect the insurance rate and driving record of a driver for a long time. These penalties are nothing if the occupants are all adults or when the offender is alone in the car. However, when they have a minor in the vehicle, they should be prepared for harsh penalties.

In some states, DUI with a minor is a felony and can result in more severe penalties. The penalties can involve jail time and fines regardless of whether the child is injured or not.  According to Child Welfare, child safety is the responsibility of the caregiver at all times. DUI with a minor charge can have a blemish on the criminal record of the defendant.

In North Carolina, DUI may not be a felony charge, but it will still attract more harsh penalties than when the driver is alone. In this case, the defendant will face not only DUI charges but also child endangerment charges.

According to North Carolina law, the penalties vary depending on the age of the child, the Blood-Alcohol Level, and if you have a previous DWI conviction. If the defendant is involved in an accident or has prior convictions, they may face up to 2 years in jail, have their license suspended, and pay a fine of about $4000.

DUI charges with a minor are severe; however, most people facing these charges may not have necessarily taken alcohol in large quantities. Different factors make the blood-alcohol content to exceed the limits even with minimal consumption.

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