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Checking on sister after crash leads to 2 separate DWI arrests

It’s understandable to want to check on a loved one who was involved in a car accident. However, one should make sure not to drive to the scene impaired, or serious legal consequences could result. One incident in North Carolina saw two sisters arrested for DWI, and now each is likely considering her options for defense. 

Incidents and arrests 

One woman, whose age was not given, apparently crashed her vehicle on U.S. 264-Alternative in Greenville. Reports claim she was speeding and struck a fire hydrant and a road sign before plowing through some bushes and striking a tree. After being extricated from her car which had flipped on its side, she was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries and arrested shortly thereafter for DWI. 

While authorities were tending to the initial crash, the woman’s sister showed up at the scene. Authorities claimed to have smelled a strong odor of alcohol on her breath and alleged that her eyes were glassy. The woman supposedly admitted to drinking alcohol before driving to the crash, and her blood alcohol content was reportedly .14. 

Other arrests and right to defense 

Along with these two arrests, at least 10 other people were arrested for DWI in Pitt County between Nov. 2 and Nov. 9. Considering the potential impact on their lives and future if they are convicted, those charged with driving while intoxicated should consult an experienced criminal defense attorney in North Carolina at the earliest opportunity. A lawyer can analyze all aspects of the arrest and help the client pursue a favorable outcome. 

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