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Not Guilty for Domestic Violence Protective Order Violation

Attorney: Dylan W. Greenwood

Case: Domestic Violence Protective Order Violation

Case Result: Not Guilty at Trial

Our client was alleged to have violated an ex parte 50-B domestic violence protective order by returning to his marital home. Our client’s ex swore out a private warrant based on allegedly tracking the client’s phone without their knowledge. Tracking another via a cellphone without their knowledge is a crime in North Carolina. It is known as cyberstalking. Knowing that the basis for the allegations was a crime, we felt confident taking this to trial. Moreover, allegations such as domestic violence protective order violations are placed into Forsyth County’s domestic violence court. This court requires an accused defendant to either plea or take the matter to trial. We felt that one of two things would happen. Either the accuser would not testify about how they allegedly knew our client’s whereabouts, or if it was about to be brought up, we would be ready to object. The accuser did not testify about how they allegedly knew our client’s whereabouts. Therefore, many of the statements the accuser tried to make did not have a proper foundation and were purely speculative. The Court granted our objections and kept the testimony out.

The Court found our client not guilty.

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