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Injury to Personal Property Dismissed with Proof of Solid Alibi

Attorney: Dylan W. Greenwood

Charge: Injury to Personal Property

Case Result: Voluntarily Dismissed

Our client was falsely accused of property damage to the vehicle of a jilted ex-spouse. Attorneys at Greenwood Law immediately began searching for ways to prove our client’s innocence. Our client was alleged to have been at a location more than 20 minutes away from his home, at a very specific time, while allegedly damaging this vehicle. Through home surveillance recordings, our client produced proof that he was in his home talking on a cell phone at that time. Unfortunately, the surveillance video was not timestamped — our first hiccup in this case. The attorneys at Greenwood Law were not done, however. We knew that if we could get the geolocation data from the cell phone used and show the specific cell phone tower that the client’s cell phone accessed, we could prove the alibi. We successfully subpoenaed this information from the cell company.

Without an experienced attorney, getting video surveillance and/or phone records admitted into evidence at trial can be tricky. Our attorneys know how to lay the proper foundations to show the Court the reliability of the evidence. In this case, the evidence was overwhelming. Our client was proven to be nowhere close to where the alleged events took place. 

The district attorney dismissed the charges.

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