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Bringing up the subject of divorce

It can be quite difficult for one spouse to tell the other he or she wants to end the marriage. Divorce is never easy, and it can be especially complex when one party was not expecting it or does not want it to happen. How one North Carolina spouse tells the other he or she wants a divorce could set the tone for the entire process, making it important to bring up the subject thoughtfully and carefully.

A compassionate approach

It may help to take a more compassionate approach when announcing one wants a divorce. Being civilized and understanding about how the other party may feel can make the conversation smoother and less contentious. Some other ways to make this difficult conversation easier include the following:

  • Have the conversation in private. No one wants to have a life-altering conversation where others can listen and see.
  • Plan the right words and mentally prepare for an angry reaction. The other party could demonstrate a variety of strong emotions.
  • Avoiding placing blame or making promises during the initial conversation. There will be time to work through details later.

Divorce is a major life decision, and it will impact virtually every area of life going forward. It is helpful to be thoughtful in every step of this process, including in the initial conversations.

Start with the end in mind

The choices made during a divorce will have an impact for years to come. It is beneficial for a North Carolina spouse to start by considering long-term goals for one’s post-divorce future. Putting thought into every conversation, including the first one, can help pave the way for a smoother process and stronger future.

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