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Breaking down common co-parenting misconceptions

There are many misconceptions that can trip up parents who have recently gone through a divorce. Some of these come from misunderstood “advice” or co-parenting’s portrayal in the media; others can come from a person’s own head as they adjust to the new reality. Here are a few realities about co-parenting every newly divorced North Carolina parent should know:

  • Just because parents live apart does not mean they are completely “separate” households: Even when parents no longer live together, collaboration and consistency are still very much ideal for the child’s well-being. Parents need to let one another know about what happens at their home, especially when it could impact the child’s health or well-being.
  • Courts frown upon children being used as a “weapon”: A very common misconception is that if an ex steps out of line, the other parent can simply ask for their parental rights to be revoked. But, just because someone misses a child support payment or doesn’t play along with a rescheduling request, doesn’t mean that custody can be renegotiated. In fact, bringing something that seems “petty” can reflect quite poorly on the party bringing the motion.
  • Kids should not know every little detail of the divorce: Keeping children away from adult issues, especially legal matters, is very important. Adjusting to a new custody arrangement is hard enough for children without needing to worry about the legal ins and outs of the decision.

These realities are often learned the hard way, but for the sake of the children and parents, it is much better to enter the co-parenting relationship with this in mind. One great way to break misconceptions is to talk with someone who has a great deal of experience in co-parenting situations. A North Carolina divorce lawyer, for example, can help individuals understand their full rights and responsibilities as they enter this new parenting relationship.

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