Criminal Law

Criminal Law

What is safecracking?

Often when a crime occurs, it involves multiple potential criminal charges. A good example is when a person breaks into a business and steals a safe that he or she then later breaks open. In this scenario, not only would the person face charges for breaking and...

Pre-Trial Release

As often portrayed in movies, the media, and pop culture, house arrest and expensive bonds appear to be commonplace in order to post bail. However, this is not always the case. There are many ways to be released from custody and back into the community. This practice...

How can I file for expunction?

An expunction is the same thing as an expungement. Expunction is just the word that North Carolina uses to refer to the process of sealing or removing criminal records. If you have a criminal record, sealing them can allow you to have better job prospects, get housing...


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