You may have a successful career and a family, but that does not mean you are immune from a rocky marriage. Some couples in the Winston-Salem area find themselves after several years or even decades of marriage may find that their marriage is simply not meant to last, and they are best off divorcing.

Sometimes, however, a couple does not want to live together as a married couple, but for personal reasons do not want to divorce quite yet. To be considered legally separated from your spouse, you and your spouse need to have different homes and at least you or your spouse must have the intention that this separation is permanent.

What can be included in a separation agreement?

Couples who are legally separated may benefit from a separation agreement. This is a contract between the spouses who have already separated or are preparing to do so. In a separation agreement, couples can come to an agreement on many issues that come with a separation, such as which spouse will pay which bills, who will stay in the family home and with whom the children will live. Separation agreements can also address issues that divorcing couples must resolve, such as property division, spousal support, child custody and child support.

Is is a separation agreement necessary?

It is important to note that separation agreements are not necessary to become legally separated or divorced. However, a separation agreement can help couples agree on how they will handle their responsibilities while they are separated or are in the divorce process, and if divorce issues are addressed in a separation agreement, the ultimate divorce process may run smoother. Family law attorneys in the Winston-Salem area understand that getting separated or divorced is a tough process and may be a useful resource to those who want to learn more about separation agreements.