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Women and finances in divorce

The cost of health insurance, a forced return to the workforce and the temporary nature of alimony may be among the financial surprises in store for some women who get a divorce in North Carolina. In a survey conducted by the online marketplace Worthy, 46 percent of divorced women reported a financial surprise during the divorce process.

Am I eligible for probation?

The North Carolina justice system has many different options for criminal rehabilitation. If you find yourself facing a criminal conviction, there is no guarantee you will receive a prison sentence. Instead, you can aim for a possible probation sentence.

Going through a divorce with children? Types of child custody

In North Carolina, a judge will grant custody based on what is in your child's best interest, which is what most parents want, as well. When determining custody, you may not know that there are more types of custody than just "sole" and "joint." It is vital that you and your spouse understand the different types of custody prior to taking the steps to create a custody agreement. 

Financial stress can lead to divorce

Financial concerns are often cited as the most common cause of divorce in North Carolina. Unfortunately, the separation itself can carry its own financial difficulties as well. There are a few common reasons for marital clashes over money. By working to resolve issues over finances, a couple could keep their marriage together.

Law enforcement crackdown aimed at reducing overdoses

North Carolina residents who provide drugs to someone who dies of an overdose could be charged with homicide. Increasingly, law enforcement in many states is cracking down on these drug providers using laws from the 1980s that were intended to go after crack cocaine dealers. Opponents of this crackdown say that those targeted are not drug dealers and that these types of prosecution do not deter addicts. Furthermore, they could actually increase overdose death rates since some people have been prosecuted after calling for medical aid.

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