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Divorce decree may trump beneficiary designation

A divorce decree is a legally binding document. However, because some of the assets that get divided in a divorce could pass to a beneficiary based on a form filed with the company that holds the asset, it's important to make changes to avoid conflicts later. For example, when someone purchases a life insurance policy in North Carolina, they tell the company whom they would like to receive the money when they die. If the owner of the policy gets divorced and doesn't change the beneficiary, an ex-spouse could receive the money.

“Are you willing to perform a Field Sobriety Test?”

Many drivers find themselves on edge when they see the red, white and blue lights flashing behind their vehicles. When this happens, they are eager to complete the traffic stop as quickly as possible so that they can be on their way. Unfortunately, some drivers falsely believe that the easiest way to do this is by answering a cop’s questions.

What to change in an estate plan during a divorce

In addition to the many tasks a person needs to do as part of the divorce process in North Carolina, it may be necessary to update the estate plan. For example, a person may want to choose someone other than the spouse to make healthcare decisions in case of becoming incapacitated. Unless the divorce is amicable, the person may also want to choose someone else for the financial power of attorney because this gives the spouse control over all the person's assets.

Why a child custody order could be changed

North Carolina parents may ask that their current child custody agreements be modified. Modification requests are generally considered and approved if they are no longer meeting the best interests of the child. A parent may need to show that the child is in immediate danger or that the custodial parent is not following through with the terms of a visitation agreement.

Denial of child custody does not mean a parent will be left out

Divorce is rarely a pleasant experience, especially when children are involved. Many North Carolina divorcees have found that ending a marriage can be especially difficult when it becomes apparent that they will spend less time with the children due to the court's custody ruling.

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