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More than a dozen arrested in drug sweep

In North Carolina and elsewhere, authorities are charged with keeping their communities safe and free from criminal activity. One of the areas law enforcement officials focus on is the possession, manufacturing and distribution of illegal drugs. A recent drug sting...

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What to expect from federal drug charges

If you or someone you know has an upcoming federal criminal trial, you might be stressed out and worried, and you might have a lot of questions. What is the difference between state and federal charges? What can you expect from the criminal defense process? The...

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Understanding dram shop liability laws

People who drink and drive in North Carolina and elsewhere can face heavy legal repercussions if they cause an accident resulting in the injury or death of another. Most people understand the potential legal consequences for those who choose to drive while...

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Soccer star arrested for DUI in Winston-Salem

Soccer fans in North Carolina have likely heard of Hope Solo. The star soccer player is the former goalkeeper for the U.S. women’s national team. Although a decidedly talented athlete, she has had her share of controversy throughout her soccer career. Now, she is...

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Winston-Salem man arrested after shooting

Some people choose violence to settle disagreements or arguments they have with others. In that group, some choose to use firearms to get their point across. Such appears to have been the case in a recent altercation in Winston-Salem, where one man fired shots into...

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Man pleads guilty to immigration crimes

To many in other parts of the world, the United States is a land of opportunity and freedom. As such, people will seek to gain entrance in this country, even if it means breaking the law. One man who has ties to North Carolina recently pleaded guilty to several...

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