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Beware of using social media during divorce

People take to social media to talk about life events and other topics. Many people also use social media to voice their support or disapproval of various events happening in their personal lives or about national and international events in general. While everyone...

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What to expect if charged with fraud

North Carolina residents who are facing criminal charges have a lot on the line. This is especially true if they find themselves charged with committing fraud -- which can be a state or federal offense, depending on the size and scope of the crime. If charged with...

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DUI crash injures 2 pedestrians

The holidays typically see a rise in DUI-related accidents and arrests. While many consider the holiday season to start with Thanksgiving and continue through to the New Year, Halloween is also a holiday where a driver operating a vehicle under the influence of...

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Careful consumption during the holidays

Finding a happy medium between enjoying a party and avoiding a DWI can seem impossible, especially during the holidays. In addition to the increase in parties and social gatherings, it can be challenging to schedule a sober ride since more people are looking for the...

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How could fentanyl affect a DUI case?

A drunk driving charge has the potential to change a person’s life through various penalties that may include time behind bars, expensive fines and more. There are certain factors that could exacerbate the serious nature of DUI penalties, including driving while in...

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Were you charged with underage DUI in college?

When you stepped onto campus at a North Carolina college, it may have been the first time in your life you were going to be away from home for an extended period of time. As you unpacked your things and set up your dorm room, you no doubt had many hopes, dreams and a...

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