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Beware of using social media during divorce

People take to social media to talk about life events and other topics. Many people also use social media to voice their support or disapproval of various events happening in their personal lives or about national and international events in general. While everyone has the right to voice his or her opinion on social media posts, doing so during divorce can have drawbacks, particularly from a legal standpoint.

Best not to discuss divorce or spouse

While some people may be tempted to use social media to post disparaging comments about their exes, doing so may cause problems. The other spouse may be monitoring his or her spouse’s social media accounts and may use the information on there as ammunition in a contested divorce. It’s best to keep posts limited to topics that do not discuss the divorce process in detail or paint one’s spouse in an extremely negative light.

This is especially true of couples who have minor children together. Children may get wind of the posts, and that may adversely affect their views of the other parent or simply cause more stress and anxiety because of the love they feel for both parents. Furthermore, the other spouse may use these types of posts to allege attempted parental alienation on the part of the other spouse.

When in doubt, leave it out

The best course of action is to simply not discuss anything about the divorce process or one’s feeling towards his or her soon-to-be ex on social media. Divorce is a highly emotional process, and sometimes, those emotions can get the better of people. In all cases, it is important to work directly with an experienced family law attorney from the onset and discuss such matters with one’s legal counsel before lashing out, or posting anything really, on social media during the divorce process.

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