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4 men arrested on drug charges in Rocky Mount

Law enforcement throughout North Carolina is concerned with keeping their communities safe and clear of illegal activity. Among the most pervasive types of crimes are those involving illicit drugs and narcotics, and those convicted of such crimes can face serious repercussions for their future. Four men in Rocky Mount are likely considering their options for criminal defense after being arrested and charged with serious drug violations. 

Investigation and arrests 

Members of the Rocky Mount Police, the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Offices, and the Violent Crime and Gang Task Forces conducted investigations into suspected illegal drug activity at a home on Fountain Street. During their search, officers discovered a bevy of illegal drugs at the residence. The report claims they found 12 grams of powdered cocaine and 18 grams of crack cocaine, along with five dosages of MDNA, 6 pounds of marijuana and three guns. 

Police arrested four men in the home. Their ages were not given in the report. The report also did not mention why authorities suspected illegal drug activity at the residence in the first place. Regardless, each of the men stands accused of serious criminal charges that can lead to considerable prison time if they are convicted. 

Right to defense 

All of the accused individuals have the right to defend themselves against the charges. An astute criminal defense attorney in North Carolina can review the case and determine why law enforcement targeted the location and the men inside. A lawyer can challenge any evidence prosecutors plan to use against the accused and fight to help their client obtain the most favorable outcome possible, considering the circumstances. 

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