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2 arrested on drug charges after traffic stop

Sometimes, routine traffic stops become more than just routine for police in North Carolina. After pulling some people over, authorities may suspect the driver or occupants of the vehicle are involved in criminal activity that goes beyond the reasons for the initial traffic stop, and they typically conduct searches and other activities to investigate. One such traffic stop in Rocky Mount led to the arrests of two individuals who are likely considering their options for mounting a criminal defense. 

The incident and arrests 

At an unspecified time on Thursday, June 23, members of the Rocky Mount Police Department Special Operations Division’s Traffic Unit initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle in Rocky Mount. The initial reason for the stop was because of the car’s purportedly illegally dark window tinting. When authorities approached the car, they claimed to smell marijuana emanating from the vehicle. 

A K-9 unit apparently confirmed the scent, and police searched the car. They say they found a bevy of drugs inside the vehicle, including cocaine and crack, heroin and marijuana. They also reportedly found more than $700 in cash. A man and woman in the car, 32 and 27, respectively, were each arrested and charged with trafficking heroin and possession with intent to deliver charges for heroin and cocaine. Lesser charges include marijuana possession and the initial charge resulting from the unlawful window tint. 

Right to defense 

As is their right, the two individuals arrested during this traffic stop may fight the charges against them. To help their chances, they will want to work with experienced criminal defense attorneys in North Carolina as soon as possible. An attorney will analyze all evidence regarding the initial traffic stop and subsequent search and arrests in an attempt at obtaining the best outcome possible for the clients. 

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